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Granulation in the Food Industry

12/8/2020  | 
Technical Articles


In a market of increasingly demanding consumers, the food industry tirelessly searches for products that are not only tasty and affordable, but easy to prepare, pleasing to the eye and offer health benefits.
The practicality of these foods often conflicts with how to present them: the coloring, granulation and packaging.

food_pic1.jpg      food_pic2.jpg


There are various methods and equipment for granulating food items. As a general rule, the design and operation must involve achieving the desired product.
Furthermore, in accordance with the desired parameters, liquid or solid additives need to be introduced to obtain certain properties of interest.
As such, the design of the granulation device and its operation assisted via the introduction of specific agents shall favor the fundamental characteristics for obtaining the required product.

Here below are some of the desired properties.

  • dampening
  • absorption of liquids
  • dispersion
  • solubility, apparent density
  • elimination of powders

Technical Verficiation

As per the requested requirements, the industrial
process can be completed continuously or intermittently, within a single device for the various stages of mixing the raw materials, injection of liquid
additives and granulation.
The granulated material can be subject to drying (with specific equipment) or not.
The classification of particle size and the technical and commercial specifications are necessary in obtaining visual standardization.

food_pic3.jpg   food_pic4.jpg


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